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Tabor House and Civil War Museum

Located in Ellijay

The Historical Society's Tabor House and Civil War Museum houses over 200 books and several videos about the Civil War from both points of view. We invite you read the books and view the videos during your next visit to the Tabor House. 

Step back in time into this 1870's home in historic downtown Ellijay. You will experience one of the South's largest Civil War libraries and rooms replicating a home of the late 1800s.

Enjoy one of the oldest homes in downtown historic Ellijay. Come and spend time in the Civil War library where you can research your Civil War heritage or just look through the 200-plus book collection. It also houses hundreds of movies and videos about the Civil War. You can then experience rooms staged from the 1800s.

Gilmer County was the location of the historic lower towns of the Cherokee Nation of Georgia up until Indian removal in 1838. A section of the Tabor House museum contains artifacts and donated items honoring the Cherokee history.

We welcome visitors to tour the Tabor House and Civil War Museum Thursdays through Saturdays 10am – 2pm. For larger group tours, please call ahead to schedule times other than our regular hours.

138 Spring Street EIlijay, GA 30540