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Located in Tennessee

There is nothing quite as thrilling as a ride down the open river. While Fishing Lakes in Tennessee get most of the attention, but The Big Pigeon River offers twelve Class III and three Class IV rapids and have intimidating names such as "Too Late," "Vegamatic," "Razor Blade," "After Shave," and "Lost Guide."

The Big Pigeon River flows through Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Cherokee National Forest, Martha Sundquist State Forest and the Appalachian Trail. If you are brave at heart try the upper section of the river, but if peace and relaxation are what you have in mind then the lower section is for you.

The Pigeon River is Dam-Controlled and does have scheduled releases on Memorial Day through Labor Day on Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat. The river takes its name from the passenger pigeon, an extinct bird whose migration route once included the river valley in North Carolina.

Recommended Attire:
In the summer we recommend that you wear shorts, t-shirt,swimsuit and be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen. There are no flip-flops or bare feet allowed, if you wear sunglasses please be sure they are on a retainer.

In the Spring and Fall we recommend you avoid cotton, if we gets wet it stays wet. Synthetic fibers work best at keeping your body warm and insulated. Wool is another great option, wool socks work great at keeping your feet warm. Some guide companies offer nylon spray suits, they do not keep you dry but they keep your body heat in. Once again no flip-flops or bare feet allowed.

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