Carter's Lake


Carter's Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in North Georgia. Because it is a private lake and well-maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers, be prepared to pay a $4 fee to enter. Carter's Lake is surrounded by beautiful foothills scenery of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Its sparkling waters and rugged shoreline provide a beautiful surrounding for a variety of recreational opportunities - camping, picnicking, swimming. Carters Lake has 3200 surface acres, more than 450 feet deep, and its shoreline has no private docks or developments along 62 miles of natural shoreline.

Today Carters Lake is considered by fisheries biologist to be perhaps the finest spotted bass fishery in Georgia. Anglers seeking spotted and largemouth bass should be on the lookout for structures such as stumps, submerged points and islands when the lake is below normal pool and concentrate on these areas during the summer and fall when the lake returns to normal level. These areas should be fished with various deep running artificial baits. Largemouth bass comprise a small portion of the total bass population but when you catch one, it is usually a large fish (some over 10 pounds).

The finest spotted bass fishery in Georgia