Fannin Brewing Company

Located in Blue Ridge

It all began in 2002, when Tom bought a home on a beautiful mountainside in lovely Fannin County, and thought "This hillside would make a great vineyard."  

He planted some grapes - all kinds of grapes - and waited.  Five years, experiments with the deer repellent Buck-B-Gone, and a fence later, he had his first press.  As he sat in his driveway at midnight de-stemming the crush  by hand, he thought, "This is a lot of work."  

While Tom was waiting for his grapes to grow, he started German Kino Plus, a cable network targeted to Germans living in the United States. He travelled to Germany frequently to buy movies.  He was wise enough  to plan some of those trips in October, so he could spend his evenings in Munich's biergartens.

With the wine now safely aging in bottles, he now sat at the communal table in the Augustiner BierGarten.  Lifting his stein and listening to the oompah bands, he daydreamed - "What else can I sell to Germans in the US?"  Pickles.  Bread.  Beer!  The seeds for Fannin Brewing Company were formed.

Back home, the wine made great Christmas gifts, and was a hit with friends and family, but Tom was on to more bubbly things.  Enter Fannin Brewing Company.

Tom chose Fannin County for two simple reasons:  Fresh air and fresh water make for fresh beer.   He hooked up with Pat Walker at Blue Ridge Brewery, who was also planning to produce his own brews.  Tom bought the equipment, Pat built the space, and they began selling their first beers in October 2012....

3758 East First St 

Blue Ridge, GA  30513