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Cartecay River Trading Company

Located in Ellijay

Cartecay River Trading Company, a division of L. Robinson, LLC has been in business since early 2005, originally producing hand crafted Canoe Paddle Lamps. Our business has taken us from selling our lamps wholesale to major furniture companies, to opening our own retail store carrying products we love and trust. Our store is located in the foothills of Appalachia Mountains near the pristine Cartecay River in Historic Downtown Ellijay, Georgia. Our goal is to make our customers proud to own and display any of our products we sell. We welcome any suggestions our customers my offer, as they would only make us better. We've been in our store now for over 9 years, and thank all of our friends and customers for shopping with us! Stay with us in our luxurious Hidden Valley Lodge, located in Ellijay to be near all of the Cartecay attractions! 

58 N Main St Ellijay, GA 30540