North Georgia Mountain Outfitters

Located in Ellijay

North Georgia Mountain Outfitters is locally owned and operated by Travis and Shirley Crouch. In a world of big-box serve-yourself stores, owners Travis and Shirley are committed to a very personal business model. Our entire staff is comprised of Travis, Shirley, and our faithful shop dog, Abby. All three of them are committed to making your experience at North Georgia Mountain Outfitters both pleasant and memorable. When you first walk in the door, you will likely be greeted by Abby the shop dog. Her job is to make folks feel right at home, and she is a natural. You will probably find yourself grinning ear to ear scratching her belly within 30 seconds of meeting her. I guess this explains her being employee of the month for over 5 years running!
Travis and Shirley’s business model is based upon the words of Jesus Christ: “In everything, treat others the way you want to be treated.” In everyday practice, this means offering a good selection of quality products at reasonable prices, but it also means much, much more. It also means that owners Travis and Shirley Crouch take the time to listen to their customers’ needs before making product recommendations. In many cases, this means recommending a simpler, less expensive product which better matches the intended use of the customer. While alpine parkas designed for summiting 8,000 meter peaks may look cool, they represent a ridiculous amount of overkill in design, materials, and expense to 99% of customers. Owners Travis and Shirley Crouch search the market for quality, functional clothing and equipment that is both affordable and fashionable.
The product recommendations made by owners Travis and Shirley Crouch are not based on the advice of sales reps or online product reviews. Their recommendations are based upon decades of backcounty travel in all sorts of terrain and weather conditions. Stay in our beautiful Hidden Valley Lodge to be located near this attraction!

14244 Hwy 515 N Suite 1200 Ellijay, GA 30540