Here at Canoe, it’s not our job; it’s our getaway. It’s where we create wearable art. We get lost in inspiration and down and dirty in design. Our customers aren’t our clients; they are our friends, our family. Our founder Lynn Kemp started it all with an act of love and support for a child’s passion for baseball, making school spirit bracelets to sell to fans. Today, we have carried that love into our nationwide lifestyle brand. It excites us when we hear that you love what we love. That love is Canoe. What do we do? We create, we inspire, we Canoe.

We are inspired by people, by places, by words, and by you. Beauty is everywhere. Here at Canoe, we each bring a different outlook on life to the table. Our diversity shows in our creative process and artistic talents. We appreciate each others individual skill sets and creative abilities to make Canoe all it can be. We inspire each other. Inspiration surrounds us.

We are local artisans of all ages and from all walks of life — Canoe brings us together through a shared passion for craftsmanship. We are Canoe.


135 Roberts Way
Blue Ridge, Georgia 30513