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Most people come to the mountains to escape from the mundane routine of their 9 to 5, to kick back and relax by binging Netflix and enjoying the scenery from the car window. But we know there are multiple sides to every story, and some people come to the mountains to have that friendly reminder of being alive. For the fellow Adrenaline Junkie, we have picked a few things that are calling your name alongside the mountains.

Indoor Activities

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing Therapy was born to be different. Their entire model is designed around having fun, getting competitive, and sometimes even relieving stress. After trying Axe Throwing Therapy, we're confident you'll want to come back and see them again.

Their targets are projection based, which means that everything from keeping score to playing different games is done digitally. There's no messing with dry erase markers or losing a pen. They utilize touch screens to keep score and offer a wide variety of interactive games to choose from. They even urge you to join them for monthly Throwing Therapy events where you can upload your own target image.

They also utilize end grain targets, which means that when you throw the surface is less likely to chip while actually being easier to hit. This means more fun for everyone. Come experience axe throwing done differently.

Escape Room: Blue Ridge


Contact Info

Axe Throwing Therapy

322 W Main St #2b,
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Escape Room: Blue Ridge

389 W First St Suite Bt,
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

2nd Story Entertainment

733 E Main St Suite C,
Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Blue Ridge Adventure Park

2087 E 1st S,
Blue Ridge, GA 30513


4599 US-64,
Copperhill, TN 37317

Appalachian Trail Rides

4100 Cutcane Road
Mineral Bluff, GA 30559