Live Music in Blue Ridge, GA

World-class Musicians Come to Blue Ridge  

For the last six years the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival has hosted some of the world's most celebrated musicians, and this year will be another stellar musical experience in Blue Ridge, GA. Founders/Directors/Musicians/Professors Scott and Maggie Flavin had a dream several years ago, and that dream has become a reality. While vacationing in our beautiful little town, they thought, "What if we created a chamber music festival in the North Georgia Mountains?" A coincidental phone call to our company connected classical music performers in one conversation. Owner of Cabin Rentals of Georgia, classical pianist Lissa Knight enjoys being a part of the Board and performing as part of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival. This season we are celebrating our 6th Season this June 6-16, 2019.

Mission of Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival

The mission of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival is to bring world-class musicians to Blue Ridge performing some of the most beautiful music ever written by composers of the 17th-21st century. That’s a lot of music….but oh so, beautiful, heartfelt, and tempestuous…music that touches every human emotion. In an effort to bring classical music to the young, we feature a Children’s Concert in conjunction with the Fannin County Library. To expose our youth to the beauty of classical music and perhaps interest them in learning an instrument is critical to the healthy future of classical music and Western civilization.

Featured Artists of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival

In the past six years, the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival has been fortunate to feature some of the greatest artists of this century. Many have performed in all the major concert halls throughout the world and to be able to bring them to beautiful Blue Ridge is such an honor. The Directors themselves, Scott (violin) and Maggie Flavin (clarinet) along with Jana Young (soprano), have prolific musical careers, having performed in Carnegie Hall in New York City as well as the major concert halls through Europe. Professors at University of Miami, Scott and Maggie Flavin’s desire to bring classical music and prolific artists to Blue Ridge through the festival is a treasure for Blue Ridge. Jana Young is Artist in Residence at Kennesaw State University and enjoys performing in Europe as well as the United States.

Every year the Pulse Trio comprised of Scott and Maggie Flavin, along with award-winning pianist Naoko Takoe have performed in Carnegie Hall and throughout Europe and bring their special pizazz and artistry to Blue Ridge. Past artists of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival have included Robert Henry (pianist), Oral Moses (bass baritone), Charae Krueger (cello). This season we present Rafael Padron (classical guitar) along with Pulse Trio, Bergonzi String Quartet, and the Directors of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival in a final concert entitled the Joy of Chamber Music.

Smaller Venues Provide an Intimate Musical Experience

The beauty of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival is that we present concerts up close and personal in an intimate venue. When you think of going to a classical music concert, the venue is a large concert hall with hundreds of people in the audience and the musicians are situated on a stage that is far removed from the audience. For musicians, the challenge is to reach and touch the souls of everyone in the hall by a heartfelt and stellar performance. For the audience, sometimes it is difficult to truly immerse themselves in the music and feel the various emotions because the distractions are immense in a large hall…people coughing, whispering, not able to sit still, dropping things on the floor. The challenge for musicians in a large hall is to create an ambiance that speaks to the heart of every listener, and many a time that quiet reflective mood created by the performer and the music has been shattered by an uncontrollable coughing fit or someone dropping something on the floor. As musicians, it makes for a laugh later on, but at the moment the very thing that every musician tries to achieve in creating an atmosphere has been shattered.

Not to say that this can’t happen in a smaller venue, but performing chamber music concerts in an intimate setting creates a special connection between performers and audience. The ability to look into the eyes of your audience is priceless. To be able to speak about the pieces to be performed brings a greater understanding for the audience and a greater appreciation for the music performed, and in this way allows the musicians to readily and easily connect with their audience through their music and expression. 

Grateful to Blue Ridge Community Theater and St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

There are many in Blue Ridge, GA who support the arts and especially the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival for which we are so appreciative. We are extremely grateful to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in providing a beautiful venue for chamber concerts. The avid supporters of classical music from the members of St. Luke’s create a venue that cannot be beat. Providing after-concert receptions to meet the artists further extends the beauty of the intimate chamber concert…it’s the up close and personal part of chamber music that is heartwarming.

The Blue Ridge Community Theater provides an outstanding intimate venue for the Bergonzi String Quartet and various artists in our series. Even though there is a stage on which the performers perform, there is a special intimacy in the theater that allows for interaction with the audience. Our multi-talented Director, Scott Flavin (who is a violinist and a playwright) has written plays and stories about composers’ lives bringing a greater appreciation and understanding of classical music, and the actors provided by the theater have delivered outstanding performances. Intertwined with the script and acting, the Bergonzi String Quartet performs music of these composers and the time in which they lived. Making classical music accessible to audiences is our desire…along with expressing the very depths of our souls in the music we perform written by the great composers of our civilization. 

To break the barriers of the common thought that classical music is “stuffy” and only for “elitists” is something the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival hopes to achieve. To share this beautiful music and share in the musical expression and emotion with audiences young and old is the beauty of art itself. Come be a part of the Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival’s 6th Season and support these musicians and their art. We hope to see you there!

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