Cabin Rentals Near the Cherokee Indian Fish Trap

One of the many charms with cabin rentals in the North Georgia Mountains is the deep connection you can have with the history in this area. One of the amazing connections to this past is the "Cherokee Indian Fish Trap" located on the Toccoa River. The Cherokee Indians used an ingenious method of catching fish by piling rocks and boulders across the river in a distinctive "V" shape. In this way, the Cherokees were able to trap and catch fish as they swam into the "V".

Today you can see, and even fish, the "Cherokee Indian Fish Trap" at any one of our five luxurious Toccoa RIver cabin rentals. Even with the major draw down that Lake Blue Ridge experienced over the last several months, which we are happy to report is now refilling quite rapidly, the Toccoa RIver has remained full and the trout fishing is prime.

We have plenty of fishing guides to help make this experience happen - Joe DiPetro, Andrew Bruce, and Eric Welch, all local guides who have an abundance of wealth when it comes to family fun with trout fishing and fly fishing for any angler. 

Reserve one of our Toccoa River cabin rentals today, and experience a part of history that the North Georgia mountains has to offer!

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