The North Georgia Mountains & Nature Restoration

The best things in life really are free! 

Nature's healing and restorative powers are unlimited when you treat yourself and your loved ones to an incomparable and infinitely inspirational experience reconnecting with nature.  In over 100 research studies, simply taking a walk in a park or a hike in the woods does wonders for our physical, mental and spiritual health.  In our high tech, high stress lifestyle, taking time to recharge our batteries and find solitude and silence has been found to be remarkably healing for children, teenagers and adults.  Studies have revealed that even simple connections to nature such as viewing trees and birds outside of a workplace window or a hospital room decreases stress, increases work performance, increases positive attitudes and job satisfaction and speeds rates of healing in patient's recovering from illness or surgery.  Can you imagine the benefits of immersing yourself and your children or teenagers in unlimited beauty? 

The North Georgia Mountains truly has every activity that an outdoor enthusiast and adventure seeker could possibly desire.  But even for an average city-dweller or suburban family there are hidden benefits that may highly impact where you plan your next family vacation.  Studies show that deprivation of nature disconnects us with the world. 

It can lead to depression, anxiety and behaviors that can impair our ability to interact well in family, society, school and business.  The new trend in wilderness retreats and camps for children and teenagers have showed improvement in factors such as Attention Deficit Disorder and depression, simply because the mind has time to relax, use its inherent creativity and imagination from playing and learning in nature and not being constantly stimulated from television, video games, electronic devices and pressure from school and assignments. For an example: modern children's shows have transitions between frames from half of a second, to barely two. These transitions coach the brain to have shorter attention spans and stunt development by only have up to two seconds to process information in any given frame. Think about old school favorites like sesame street, comparative to say, Cocomelon. 

Blue Ridge, Georgia offers the most spectacular mountain ranges, lakes, rivers and streams and many hiking trails to choose from along with an amazing array of birds and wildlife to appreciate.  Expect to see beautiful ferns, wildflowers, moss-covered stones and beautiful rocky formations along the trails.  Squirrels, rabbits and white-tailed deer are frequently viewed and our black bears sometimes make for an outdoor experience that may be a little closer to nature than you would like!  Begin your family or group's healing experience with the most desired luxury accommodations by choosing Cabin Rentals of Georgia or your stay.  All of our properties are selected for their spectacular views and immersion in nature's beauty as well as proximity to adventure and outdoor activities.  We look forward to meeting your every destination need in the very near future.

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