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The Toccoa River flows northward in Georgia for 56 miles until it reaches the twin cities of McCaysville, GA/Copperhill, TN at which point it becomes the Ocoee River, known for its whitewater rafting and host to the whitewater events during the Centennial 1996 Summer Olympics. The river with combined names of Toccoa and Ocoee is about 93 miles long overall, flowing northwestard throug the Appalachian Mountains. This river is a tributary of the Hiwassee River from NC and ends up in Benton, TN. 

Cabin Rentals of Georgia offers cabins along the Toccoa River, and the beauty and tranquility is unsurpassed. Spending the days in a luxury cabin on the river will refresh your spirit and rejuvenate your purpose while creating long-lasting memories. The Toccoa River is one of the main spotlights of Blue Ridge, GA in that this river is really split into two different experiences. The upper Toccoa River features our cabins, Aska Adventure Outpost, Aska Escape Lodge, and A River's Bend.

If fishing is your passion, it's the upper Toccoa River that is stocked heavily during the colder months with quality rainbow trout. Not only will you find stocked rainbows, but you also hook into the occasional trophy brown trout. In addition, a couple of the tributaries of the Toccoa River are among the best stocked rivers in all of Georgia. Because the upper Toccoa River is spring-fed, the water temperatures can reach lethal conditions during drought conditions and also during late summer. For this reason, most fly fisherman concentrate fly fishing the upper Toccoa River during the cooler months.

If it is the big brown trout you're after, the tailwater section of the Toccoa River is the place for you and most of our luxury lodges are located along this stretch of river. For most people, this river is challenging in terms of access, but if you stay in one our luxury cabins, you have an enviable access that is a great perk. Below the dam of Lake Blue Ridge, the Toccoa River continues as it flows out from the cold deep water of the lake. This consistently cold water promotes healthy acquatic life year round as well as ideal temperatures for trout reproduction. The first 15 miles down from the release point is private land on either side of the river, making river access impossible for the fisherman.  The good news is that the landowners invest in the fishery by utilizing feeders that send a constant flow of pellets to the hungry trout, giving them an adequate food source. 

However, beware of the water levels in this location. The water release schedule from the dam can be found at or call TVA, 1-800-238-2264, then dial 4, 23, # to reach the BlueRidge Dam Information. These rising waters can actually be a blessing for fishermen.  DUring the summer, when the extra release of cold water comes into the river, the trout actually become more active.  

The fishing at these cabins is superb! Enjoy the thrill of a lifetime!


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