Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Atlanta, GA
Located in Atlanta

Only at Fernbank Museum can you come face-to-face with the world's largest dinosaurs, explore the development of life on Earth through the landscapes of present-day Georgia, connect with cultures from around the globe, engage in a variety of hands-on exhibitions, and more! And you won't want to miss stunning rotating special exhibitions or the incredible 5-story experience of an IMAX film.

Fernbank Museum officially opened its doors in October 1992, but the history of the Museum begins much earlier. Fernbank Atlanta inspires life-long learning of natural history through dynamic programming to encourage a greater appreciation of our planet and its people. Fernbank's fossil floors aren't the only place you may recognize the shape of an ammonite. Inspired by ammonite and conch Nautilus shells, the Museum's logo features a spiral, a pattern commonly observed in nature. Seen in the double helix of the DNA molecule, a fingerprint, the swirl of a hurricane, and the prehistoric shape of an ammonite, these spirals symbolize growth and open-ended learning.

The Fernbank's floors are made of prehistoric sediment from a limestone quarry in Germany. Fossils of prehistoric marine animals can be seen throughout the tiles, including the cigar-shaped belemnites (ancient relatives of squid), the coil-shaped ammonites (ancient relatives of the chambered nautilus), and the circular or "v"-shaped sponges (some of Earth's most ancient life forms). The fossils are estimated to be approximately 150 million years old.

You can explore the permanent exhibitions that include:

A Walk Through Time in Georgia: The is Fernbank's signature exhibition and tells the two-fold story of Georgia's natural history and the development of our planet. Sixteen galleries combine with theatres and dioramas to explain this complex and fascinating story....

767 Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30307