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Experience a Profitable Partnership with Cabin Rentals of Georgia where you will realize an increase in revenue growth, return guests to your vacation rental, and relaxation knowing that all the details are taken care of. Our brand strength, dedicated owner services, and powerful property marketing maximizes your rental income.


Benefits of Partnering with a Boutique Luxury Cabin Company

As a small company we have successfully competed with the other high-volume cabin rental companies in the area, bringing in very high earnings year after year. Consistently we hear from our owners, who have switched companies, say they appreciate the higher visibility their home receives in addition to realizing up to a 35+% increase in revenue. 

Our Successful Business Model

There is a fine balance between protecting your investment and providing exceptional guest experiences, and we believe we have found the sweet spot in that dichotomy.

Our business plan is simple, yet highly successful. We are able to provide for you significant revenue gains with the fewest nights occupied, thus keeping your home well-maintained with minimal wear and tear over the years. More importantly, offering a higher dynamic rental rate brings a more responsible and appreciative guest who will take care of your home. 

Big companies strive for as many "heads in beds" as possible during 365 days of the year. After even just one year, this can take a huge toll on your luxury home. Our homeowners are enthusiastically delighted in their increase in rental revenue and decrease in wear and tear. 


Owners with CROG are provided with the following:

Expert Property Management

We provide expert property management for a boutique collection of handpicked luxury cabins in Blue Ridge, GA. We are a high-tech, hands-on company creating a highly efficient and service-oriented environment. We use the most up-to-date systems that maximize consistency and efficiency in all of our work processes. 

We partner with many distribution channels for maximum exposure worldwide using the leading vacation rental software company in the industry. On a single dashboard, we are able to manage multiple inquiries and calendars to maximize revenue potential for our valued homeowners.

Personally Trained Maintenance Staff

Our Cleaning and Maintenance Staff are personally trained by us. Within our vacation rental software we have the ability to implement our own check systems to secure thorough attention to detail which ensures exceptional guest experiences and happy homeowners. The system allows for scheduling and communication with cleaning staff and maintenance as well as the ability to directly communicate with our guests.


Benefits of partnering with Cabin Rentals of Georgia

  • Direct Booking Strength ~ enjoying a strong visibility on all browsers; most of our traffic is organic and direct
  • No Onboarding Fees ~ no fees for professional photography by Gary Knight & Associates, Inc., professional copywriting which describes what photos cannot show and builds trust in digital transactions
  • Comprehensive Accounting ~ we take care of all monthly county and state taxes, timely monthly statements and payments
  • State-of-the-art technology to market your home to its full potential
  • Small boutique property management allows us to truly keep watch over your home, ensuring processes and policies are enforced

In addition, we are the only company  who carefully screens the guests staying in your home and we are not afraid to hold guests accountable for their guest count and pets. In this way, we are sure to realize all rental income that rightfully belongs to you and our partnership. 

Maximize Revenue

  • Marketing  - beautiful unique website, high visibility on Other Travel Agency websites, professional photography and copywriter, extensive digital outreach, email marketing campaigns, and so much more
  • Guest screening - keeping accurate guest count from time of booking to time of arrival and beyond, as well as working closely with neighbors to keep our homes safe
  • Strategic Dynamic Pricing to maximize revenue
  • Direct Booking Strength
  • Highly-targeted Direct Mail/Email campaign - to maintain repeat guest ratio
  • Gauge the conversions of our marketing efforts and evaluate guest reviews and surveys to measure guest satisfaction
  • Track guest inquiries and phone calls in one system and drive bookings with targeted email campaigns

Dedicated Owner Service

Flexible Owner Use - stay in your cabin any time of year
Effortless Reporting and Taxes 

Give Guests the Royal Treatment

Guest Support - use of state-of-the-art app with all information needed for the cabin and area 
Planning Assistance - our local reservation specialists would love help you plan your mountain getaway and recommend the best places

Expert Property Care:

  • Our Housekeeping staff are CROG Employees - provided with an extensive cleaning checklist
  • Flawless Cleans - we consistently receive 5-star reviews for cleanliness
  • Established Relationship w/ Local Vendors - we have built several homes in Blue Ridge and have established successful relationships with local vendors
  • In-House Maintenance Team - CROG Employees who are knowledgeable in plumbing, electricity, staining, and so much more to keep your home it prime condition
  • Expert Designer Services - we can accessorize your home for you, give you designer ideas and tips...we know what sells and what renters enjoy, which increases home performance and rental revenue
  • Smart Home Technology - Nest thermostats, and other technology that help you control your utility bills and more

Building and managing luxury homes in Blue Ridge for 20 years, your vacation home would shine with its special uniqueness in our small boutique collection of luxury homes.  With our experience, successful business model, dedicated staff, and powerful marketing campaigns, you have found the Blue Ridge property management partner who will maximize your profits while minimizing the costs of renting your vacation home.  Let Cabin Rentals of Georgia help your luxury home realize its full potential.



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