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North GA Mountain Luxury Lodges

Are you looking for North GA Mountain large luxury lodges and large cabins that can accommodate 50+ guests in beautiful Blue Ridge, GA providing thoughtful cabin amenities and beautiful prime locations perfect for large groups, executive retreats, church retreats, or family reunions? Cabin Rentals of Georgia offers luxurious cabins and amenities in breathtakingly beautiful locales that will be sure to accommodate and delight your special group experience. 

Planning a Large Group Event in Blue Ridge

In an effort to please everyone, planning a large family reunion in Blue Ridge can be daunting, but Cabin Rentals of Georgia can help. Within a day's drive of the eastern half of the United States and only 2 hours north of the Atlanta airport, Blue Ridge, GA is the perfect location for your event. Given the variety of things to do in Blue Ridge, GA and the surrounding area, young or old, adventurous or not-so, will experience many memorable moments and create memories to last forever. 

Planning business retreats has never been easier than with Cabin Rentals of Georgia. We have had the pleasure of hosting many a successful business retreat over the years in our beautiful locales, which are ideal for team building, exploration, and wellness. We will be happy to help you plan a memorable event ~ call us at 706-432-2140!

Large Group Cabin Rentals in Blue Ridge

With the ability to house up to ~75 guests depending on the location, you can be sure that your event will rewarding and memorable, full of fun and excitement. The largest grouping of cabins we have is located in the lower Toccoa River area, which is ideal for family members to enjoy river activities and fire pits as well as for business retreats participating in team building activities. Currently offering five luxury lodges close together that sleep 50+ guests total, these Toccoa River luxury cabin rentals are extremely popular for large group activities. 

While each of our luxury cabins are rented individually, you can chose to rent two or more cabins in close proximity in an effort to share the Blue Ridge experience with other family members, business partners, or groups of friends. Some of our cabin groupings are within walking distance, while others are within a mile of each other. 

When it comes to large gatherings, Cabin Rentals of Georgia provides luxurious amenities and beautiful locales that will be sure to strengthen bonds of close friendship, familial ties, and business associates. 


Cabin Rentals of Georgia offers several luxury cabins in close proximity to each other so that being together doesn't mean spending a lot of time in the car driving from one locale to another. Our most popular location for Blue Ridge family reunions and business retreats is in a private subdivision along the Toccoa River. Five luxurious lodges with river access, 800 feet of river frontage with fire pits and picnic tables, and just 9 miles to Downtown Blue Ridge provide the perfect locale for luxury, adventure, and team building.


From these luxury properties, you can tube and kayak right from the property for a two-hour float into McCaysville, which is a short 10 minute drive for the pick up. Fishing for trophy rainbow and brown trout is a memorable experience for those fishermen in your group. In fact, we have partnered with North GA Trout Fishing for amazing guided fly-fishing experiences, and Joe DiPietro will love being a part of your team-building adventure or your family adventure while hooking large trout in the Toccoa River. Afterwards, enjoy firepits along the river for s'mores and hotdogs or shishkabobs and wine. The big waters of the Toccoa River provide endless opportunities for adventurous fun and memory-making that will stay with you forever.

You can also book a photoshoot with our amazing photographer, River Underwood Photography, to ensure that the memories made at your retreat are kept forever. He specializes in portrait, wedding, and large group photo sessions, and is always open to capture memories for visitors and guests!

Riverview Lodge - 5 bedroom/5.5 bath - sleeps 11; situated on high ridge w/ river and mountain views ~ hiking path down the hill to the Toccoa River

Outlaw Ridge - 5 bedroom/5.5 bath - sleeps 10; situated on high ridge w/ river and mountain views ~ located next door to Riverview Lodge

Fallen Timber Lodge - 5 bedroom/5.5 bath - sleeps 12; situated down the hill below Riverview Lodge and Outlaw Ridge w/ easier access to the Toccoa River

A Rolling River Cabin - 4 bedroom/3 bath - sleeps 10; located a short 2 minute drive from these three cabins; located on a hill overlooking the Toccoa River w/ an short hiking path down to the river's edge. If you turn right on the RR tracks, you will come to the rest of these cabins past the fenced yards.

The River's Edge - 5 bedroom/3.5 bath - sleeps 10; located next door to A Rolling River Cabin; has easier access to the Toccoa River

Located 1.5 miles away:

High Hopes - 4 bedroom/4.5 bath - sleeps 8; located very close to The Great Getaway within walking distance

The Great Getaway - 4 bedroom/ 4.5 bath - sleeps 16; one of the bedrooms has 4 queen bunkbeds and another bedroom has 2 queen beds; located in a gated community, all paved roads


Family reunions and business retreats in the Aska Adventure Area provide many exciting options for all the members of your group. Aska Road is a 13-mile stretch from downtown Blue Ridge to Newport Rd.


Along Aska Road you will find hiking trails, tube and kayak outfitters for the Toccoa River that runs along Aska Road. The Lilly Pad Village offers family fun including fishing in a large pond, putt-putt in the woods, gem mining, and a gift shop - all within walking distance from Aska Escape Lodge. Also within 1/4 mile is the Shallowford Bridge, a cafe, and small grocery stop, along with tube rentals. Closer to Serendipity on Noontootla Creek, you can rent the pink tubes from Toccoa Valley Campground. If some members of your family travel in an RV, Toccoa Valley Campground can accommodate!  Also towards the end of Aska Road and close to Serendipity and Cherokee Sunrise - if you go to the end of Aska Road and turn left on Newport, you will find one of the best spots for breakfast or lunch at VanZandt's. They also provide tube rentals and shuttle service for a fun time on the Toccoa River.


For the fishermen and women in your group, North GA Trout Fishing will provide the most exhilarating time on the Toccoa River landing huge trophy rainbow trout and brown trout. Intimately acquainted with all the sweet spots along the Toccoa River, you are guaranteed the time of your life with North GA Trout Fishing.  But even more special is their access to our 1/2 mile of Noontootla Creek from Serendipity on Noontootla Creek and Cherokee Sunrise. Monster rainbow trout and huge brownies are lurking in the deep pools of this famed trout stream, and North GA Trout Fishing will guide you to the time of your life. 

Blue Ridge Lake Sanctuary - 3 bedroom/3.5 bath - sleeps 6; located 4 miles down Aska Road from Blue Ridge; all paved roads; within walking distance of Lake Blue Ridge public boat ramp and hiking trails

Above the Timberline - 4 bedroom/3.5 bath - sleeps 8; located 5 miles down Aska Road from Blue Ridge

Aska Escape Lodge - 3 bedroom/3 bath - sleeps 6; located 6 miles down Aska Road from Blue Ridge

Serendipity on Noontootla Creek - 5 bedroom/5.5 bath - sleeps 10; located ~ 13 miles down Aska Road from Blue Ridge; all paved roads

Cherokee Sunrise on Noontootla Creek - 2 bedroom/2 bath - sleeps 4; located next door to Serendipity on Noontootla Creek.

Toccoa River Luxury Cabins

Five cabins within walking distance (some closer than others) are either perched high on a ridge with a spectacular view of the winding white waters of the Toccoa River and the North GA Mountains, or situated closer to the Toccoa River for easier access. Popular for corporate retreats and family reunions, yoga reatreats or couples retreats, all of our luxurious Toccoa River cabins are ideally situated in a sprawling "subdivision" where you feel as though you're the only ones around.

Walking along the beautifully winding roads among the tall oak trees, you will discover that many deer and turkey have also made their home in the area. Feeling as though you are a million miles away, you will suddenly feel the stresses of life and the tugs of your attention in a myriad different directions slowly melt away as you breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Step back in time as you realize that the land you walk upon was once traversed and cultivated by the Cherokee Indians almost a century ago. Evidence of this can be seen in the Toccoa River where the Indians built their Cherokee Indian Fish Trap.  

Our Toccoa River property features over 800 feet of river frontage offering picnic tables, a gazebo, and fire pits. Enjoy trout fly-fishing at the Cherokee Indian Fish Trap. Enjoy tubing, canoeing, or kayaking right from this property as there is the perfect inlet for putting into the River.

An interesting note: The Toccoa River flows north towards the nearby Tennessee border where it becomes the Ocoee River, and should you decide to enjoy a float from the property, have one of your party pick you up in McCaysville at the Horseshoe Bend Park.  McCaysville, GA/Copperhill, TN is a short 10 minute drive from these cabins.  And while you're in town, be sure to be in two states at one time!  There's a perfect photo opportunity across the street from the IGA grocery store!  

If you are considering retreat of any kind, these luxury Blue Ridge cabins will be sure to please and provide memories to last a lifetime.

A Rolling River Cabin | Cabin Rentals of Georgia | Hot Tub and cozy fire in fireplace with rockers overlooking the Toccoa River
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Toccoa River Luxury Cabin Rentals, Pet Friendly, River View, Riverfront
4 Bedroom, 3 Bath ~ Sleeps 10
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Pet Friendly, Mountain View
4 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath ~ Sleeps 8
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Cabin In The Woods
4 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath ~ Sleeps 16
Fallen Timber Lodge | Cabin Rentals of Georgia | Great Room
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Toccoa River Luxury Cabin Rentals, Pet Friendly, River View, Riverfront
5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bath ~ Sleeps 12
Luxury Blue Ridge Cabin Rental | Cabin Rentals of Georgia | Luxurious living room with leather furnishings and massive stone fireplace and two-story prow windows overlooking North GA mountains at dusk
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Toccoa River Luxury Cabin Rentals, Pet Friendly, River View, Mountain View
5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bath ~ Sleeps 10
Riverview Lodge | Cabin Rentals of Georgia | exterior of three story lodge at dusk with lights
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Toccoa River Luxury Cabin Rentals, Pet Friendly, River View, Mountain View
5 Bedroom, 5.5 Bath ~ Sleeps 11
The River's Edge | Cabin Rentals of Georgia | Spacious Floor Plan for Celebrating Friends and Family
Blue Ridge Luxury, Family Reunion, Corporate Retreats, Toccoa River Luxury Cabin Rentals, Pet Friendly, River View, Riverfront
5 Bedroom, 3.5 Bath ~ Sleeps 10