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In 2003 while living in Atlanta, we accepted an invitation to visit a friend in beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia over the Labor Day weekend, and that one event changed the course in the lives of our family. To discover the incredible beauty that Blue Ridge offered, and to realize that this was just an hour and a half away from Atlanta presented a set of circumstances that set some wheels in motion.  

What started as a family adventure turned into a family business that has produced 30+ luxury mountain homes over the course of 15 years. Today, Cabin Rentals of Georgia serves as the premier provider of luxury vacation home rentals and Property Management in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Our Background and Experience

As a published architectural/interiors/hospitality photographer for over 25 years, traveling extensively, and enjoying a lifestyle of hospitality with my wife, who is an accomplished classical pianist and chamber musician, we both decided to take the proverbial fork in the road and start new careers in Blue Ridge.  Our love of hospitality, making people feel warm and welcome, and surrounding them with exceptional views and luxurious amenities were the impetus for the creation of our company - a desire to share with others the very things we love to do and the way we love to live.

A Family Business

We are truly a family business as our two children are actively and passionately involved. Having grown up in this business since they learned how to walk, Taylor was our star reservation specialist, assistant manager, and part of our marketing team during her high school years, but she is currently pursuing an English degree at Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. While at college, she continues to be actively involved in our marketing endeavors. Travis enjoys being out in the field, learning all he can about each cabin along with outfitting each cabin with the appropriate technology. From inspecting cabins, troubleshooting the technology, and accomplishing doable maintenance tasks for a 13-year-old, Travis is gaining an education and experience for the future. It gives us great joy to be able to give our children a sense of duty, accomplishment, and pride in what they do.

Our family and a team of dedicated professionals personally built a few of the properties in our portfolio, from handsome 2-bedroom cabins to luxurious 6-bedroom lodges.  Personally designing and tweaking the floor plans, building these homes, and decorating the interiors of nine cabins has set the standard for our luxury brand.  Applying more than 25 years of experience as an architectural photographer to each property has distinguished each home in our growing portfolio with breathtaking views and luxurious interiors.   

Preferred Property Management

Because we have a vested interest in the homes of our growing portfolio, Cabin Rentals of Georgia as a trusted Property Management company, understands and appreciates every aspect involved in caring and protecting the investment of our valued homeowners.  We protect our homeowners' investments by consistently staying on top of the wear and tear, monitoring guest accountability, and truly maximizing revenues by dynamic pricing vs. flat rates all year round. Our homeowners' homes are truly treated and considered as if they were our very own, because we take great pride in protecting our clients' investments with the honor and integrity that is inherent in our company.  

Media exposure

Featured on award-winning TV programs such as PBS’ “Getting Away Together” and other popular TV networks including BRAVO TV and VH+1, our beautifully-appointed vacation homes offer inspiring interiors with modern luxuries and world-class comfort.  For these networks to find a special unique getaway experience for their 'stars' in our luxurious homes, we know that you, too, will create memories to last a lifetime when you stay with us. 


Only 90 miles north of Atlanta, our world-class vacation destination delivers concierge services for all guests, group travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and corporate retreats. Our hospitality services include: Massage, Personal Chef, Event Planning and much more.  

Former Guests now Proud Homeowners

We love warm hospitality, special friends, fantastic food, and amazing ambiance.  These things embody all that we are, and it is our desire to share this with you. Since 2003, many of our past guests return year after year because of the moments they’ve cherished after vacationing with us. In fact, some of our longtime guests have captured this very lifestyle for themselves by purchasing a cabin, and are currently partnering with us in our Property Management Program.  After experiencing all the different cabins in our portfolio year after year, they know firsthand that our adherence to integrity and pride in consistently caring for each home in our program is the real deal.

It is our privilege to provide a luxury vacation home where you and your loved ones can relax, laugh, and enjoy the good life. Experience Blue Ridge, the South’s best-kept vacation secret, with the warmth and privacy of your own luxury mountain home at Cabin Rentals of Georgia.

- Gary, Lissa, Taylor, and Travis Knight