Blue Ridge Bird Seed


Blue Ridge Bird Seed Company is an independent birding specialty store in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia.  We also have a small satellite store inside Mercier Orchards, just north of Blue Ridge on Highway 5. 

Our Address:  611 East Main Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

We’ve been serving our wonderful customers face-to-face and online since February 2003.     In our former lives, we’ve done a lot of things that help us provide consistent, high quality service to our wonderful customers:

Tom – USDA Forest Service (15 years in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan & Vermont,) BS & MS degrees in Forestry, MBA from Emory, BellSouth (15 years in finance and strategic planning.)

Sonja – Teacher (11 years in junior high and high school German, English, and Journalism,) BA amd MA degrees in German & German Education, BellSouth (15 years as administrative assistant and executive secretary.)

You are invited to visit us in both locations when you travel to the beautiful mountains of north Georgia and go shopping in Blue Ridge.  We’ll work with you to make birding and bird feeding fun!

We’ve been feeding birds (and fighting squirrels) for 35 years, and our experience is reflected in the products we offer.  We’ll always try to provide specific, personal advice and only offer products that fit your needs, and allow you to get maximum use and value from whatever bird feeders and hardware you already have.

We’ve expanded our website to include a complete schedule of our bird walks and Saturday Seminars, along with other events in the Blue Ridge area.  Another new feature is a library of Seminar Notes that you can print at no charge.  These notes include all the helpful hints from our how-to seminars:  Purple Martins, Bluebirds, Hummingbirds, Choosing Binoculars, Bird-feeding Basics, Water Features, and more. 

Thanks for spending time with us in person and online.  We enjoy what we do and we want to be YOUR bird store!