Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods

Located in Blue Ridge

"Our Master Series bamboo fly rod is truly exceptional. This rod is nothing short of a master piece with "best shotgun style engraving" on reel seat and ferrules.  This is our most popular rod series."

William "Bill" Oyster is a full-time career bamboo fly rod maker with a workshop in one of the south's most authentic mountain towns (Blue Ridge, GA).   Each Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod is intensely hand crafted. Bill is the only professional bamboo fly rod maker in the world who personally hand engraves his own rods. The performance and aesthetics of each rod is truly remarkable.

Bill has been commissioned to make rods for many of the world's finest anglers including President Jimmy Carter.

As the most prolific teacher of this rod making art alive today, Bill draws students from as far away as England and Scotland as well as every corner of the US to his southern mountain town studio. Each year, Oyster introduces a little more of the world to this traditional craft and a look into the life of a bamboo fly rod maker.

Why Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods?

In a market flooded with enthusiast makers, Oyster Fly Rods is a full time professional business dedicated to the production of the world’s finest fly rods.  In addition to producing custom and standard model rods, we also teach more enthusiasts (and future pros) to make fly rods than anyone else in the world.  This combined experience gives us an understanding of our product which is difficult to match.  This is not our hobby.  This is not our retirement business.   This is our life and livelihood.  Our production and sales shop in the Appalachian mountain town of Blue Ridge, GA is open to seven days a week for the convenience of both our retailers as well as those who fish our rods.  We have the capability to customize and create almost any option
imaginable, resulting in rods that are both practical to fish and appreciated as heirlooms for generations to come…

A perfect event to add to your Mountain Getaway! 

Offering custom bamboo fly rods, bamboo rod making classes, and a complete assortment of traditionally styled reels, lines, and accessories, Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods is a family business in the most classic sense


494 East Main St.
Blue Ridge, GA 30513