Through Qinti Artisan Silver & Gifts in Blue Ridge, our aim is to provide you with unique items that reflect the glorious past of a rich people.

Our artisans ensure the highest quality, using the finest materials and offering beautiful traditional and contemporary designs, at great value.

Why silver? Because silver lasts. It is modern, yet traditional. It can be an heirloom and it shines!

My heartstrings are attached to Peru and its rich culture, the greatness of its people, natural resources and treasure of incredibly talented artisans. It is important to keep watch over these resources and promote fair trade, keeping their art alive. This idea of setting up the store was a natural consequence of a lifelong passion of collecting art and gifting of artifacts and curios.

I’d need more than a paragraph to give you a thorough explanation. I’m originally from Peru – but was born in Germany – lived in Santiago de Chile, London, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, New York, Frankfurt, Boca Raton, Hong Kong, Macau, and Ellijay, Georgia. Throughout my many moves, I seem to have lived different lives – I started my career as a banker before marrying and having three children. I became a widow in my early thirties and relocated to Peru where my mother lives. At 40, I went through soul searching and decided to change my career direction to nutrition. Later, I remarried and moved to Florida, helping in my then-husband’s business: yachts. At this time, I also picked up my realtor license and sold waterfront houses in Florida. My marriage deteriorated – I learned and grew – got my Master’s in Nutrition and found the love of my life....

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