Couple's Trip: Ideas for Blue Ridge, GA

Trip Itineraries

Get a jump-start and challenge your relationship dynamics by scheduling a time to reconnect, improve communication, and rebuild trust with your partner.

A weekend getaway for quality time and intentionality is just the thing. Here are a few suggestions to build that bonding experience with your significant other in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains

It Starts with The Road Trip

We all know that any trip over an hour in the car tends to lead to conversations that we otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s the ability to sit closely together and think out loud, have debates, or contemplate hypotheticals. It's a way to communicate on multiple levels. Wherever you're coming from, we encourage that ride to go over things you'd like to do, to open up the door for positivity and endless possibilities by reframing your perspective.

Hopefully you've spent some of this time considering the bigger picture of your retreat - Why? How? Where? When? - and some of the why's you've found are to foster intimacy, spend quality time together, grow from experiences, or whatever better reasons you can fathom. The How comes naturally - plan your itenerary in a way that allows for undivided attention: distraction free by setting a time limit or putting the phone in Do Not Disturb mode if you can't leave it behind altogether, plan things to do to promote wellness and clarity, try new experiences together or revisit old favorites. ...

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