The Toccoa River


The Toccoa River stretches nearly 60 miles from its headwaters on the Tennessee Valley Divide near the town of Suches to where it crosses the state line into Tennessee at McCaysville in Fannin County. This river is surprisingly broad for a high mountain river and very popular for canoeing and fishing alike.

Following its path through the mountains, the river passes through the remote historic community of Dial, weaving its way through high-range pasturelands. The river winds and turns with whitewater cascading over large river stones, making its way to the big river bend, where you will find a low waterfall. Large boulders block the river to the left side, forcing the river into a small cascade on the right, creating a whitewater rush along the river's run.

After the river's bend, the Toccoa River winds through the mountain's thick forest on its descending journey to the lower valley of Fannin County. Reaching the mountain valley floor, the Toccoa River gathers and flows into the water of beautiful Lake Blue Ridge on the edge of the mountain town of Blue Ridge, GA. Boating recreation and fishing are a favorite on the waters of Lake Blue Ridge, one of the many mountain lakes created and regulated by the TVA, Tennessee Valley Authorities.

Flowing through the locks of Lake Blue Ridge Dam and past the powerhouse the river continues its journey northward, heading for the Tennessee border. This section of the Toccoa River, running across the valley floor of Fannin County from the dam to the Georgia, Tennessee state line, is considered some of the finest fly fishing in all of North Georgia....