Helton Creek Falls


The land of a thousand waterfalls is what the Cherokee called this land in North Georgia and Helton Creek in the Chattahoochee National Forests has two of the best waterfalls around. The hiking trail is a bit root bound and the wooded steps are showing wear but anyone who can walk, by taking their time, and watching their step, can make the short treks to these beautiful waterfalls with very little effort. The turn off to Helton Creek Road is just 1.1 mile from Vogel State Park, so making a day around the park and this waterfall is a wonderful fulfilling family outing.

From the small parking lot on Helton Creek Road the trail is well marked by a sign to the right (west) of the parking area. Enter the woods on a gentle descending trail to a mountain cove, then to the creek bed. The trail to both the falls is about 200 yards and not very strenuous. It is just 200 steps where the trail splits to go left for the lower waterfall, the falls are immediately visible, down a fairly steep and well-used set of stairs. To see the upper waterfall, return to the main trail, climbing the stairs, then cross a wet-weather branch while heading upstream that leads to the upper waterfall and observation deck with benches.

The lower falls drops over a 30' ledge, tumbling to a pool below. There is a nice flat rock area for a picnic, or to stretch out on the rocks with a nice swimming hole. The second upper falls is a tall, full waterfall that drops at least 60 feet. These falls are especially beautiful after a good rainfall. The observation deck gives you a great view.

Directions from Blairsville: Take US 19 south - 11 miles out pass Vogel State Park on the right go another 1.1 miles to Helton Creek Road on your left. You'll see the parking area to the right at a total of 2.3 miles from the highway.