Enjoy a Romantic Getaway Without Leaving the Cabin

Sweater Weather is right around the corner, and a romantic getaway for two is the perfect way to celebrate! Cabin Rentals of Georgia offers some very romantic cabins for rent in Blue Ridge, GA that are idyllic enough to rekindle your romance with the one you love. While Blue Ridge certainly offers many fun and popular attractions, we know sometimes the best part of a vacation is spending quality time without an itinerary. Below are our top 5 ways to enjoy your luxury Blue Ridge cabin without ever having to leave ~


1. Cuddle up next to the fire

In these chilly winter months, there is nothing like cozying up in front of a roaring fire. Whether you prefer to watch TV, talk, or just cuddle in comfortable silence, this is certainly a favorite pastime for any cabin experience. Activate that inner cuddlebug and create some much-needed oxytocin by grabbing a blanket and getting close with your partner

2. Relax in the hot tub

Speaking of relaxing, a soak in the hot tub is another great way to unwind with that special someone. Together, you'll stay warm while breathing in the fresh mountain air and natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains. 


3. Sleep In

Every great vacation needs at least one day to catch up on those z's. With spacious, comfortable bedrooms with luxury linens, you may not want to get up at all! If it's taking the time to let the body wake up naturally, or setting an alarm to catch the sunrise, you get to do whatever you want to do with the one you love. Enjoy morning coffee watching the sunrise and feel connected to the one you love as well as the beautiful scenery around you.

4. Watch the sun rise and/or set

Sunrises and sunsets in the North GA Mountains are breathtaking and unparalleled. Different every single day depending on the clouds and the weather, each new day brings its own beauty for you to revel in. There sometimes are just no words.

5. Enjoy a game of pool

Tap into your playful side and enjoy a game of pool, foosball, air hockey—or several—with your sweetie. It'll be a good dose of fun and lighthearted competition; winner takes all!

Discover the romance and reconnect with the one you love in a luxury romantic cabin rental in the beautiful mountains of Blue Ridge, GA and you'll create memories to carry you through until the next cabin trip to the North GA mountains.