5 Love Languages of a Blue Ridge Cabin Rental Company

Love is in the air once again for Valentine's Day, and the good kind of mountain cabin fever is beckoning you! Offering the most luxurious cabin rentals in Blue Ridge, GA and creating memorabe experiences for our guests is a top priority for Cabin Rentals of Georgia.

Just as there are five love languages about relationship as described by Gary Chapman, we can apply those five love languages in the host/guest relationship in hospitality. These five love languages are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Quality Time, Physical Touch, and Gift Giving.



Our favorite love language is Words of Affirmation. Each 5-star review we receive, affirms our efforts to prepare a perfectly clean and well-maintained cabin for your vacation and this motivates us to work even harder for all of our guests who come through our doors.   



Everyone has a specific love language that resonates with them and it carries over into the host/guest relationship. Each of these 5 love languages will be described to show how much we appreciate our guests, both new and returning, and how we show the love to all of our guests all of the time.


#1 Words of Affirmation

Words speak louder than actions for this guest who appreciates Words of Affirmation. Hearing the words, “Thank you for choosing Cabin Rentals of Georgia for your mountain getaway” or “Thank you so much for booking with us again” -  hearing these words mean the world to our guests. During their stay if they have questions, we are quick to respond and help. Lack of communication or rude responses leave guests feeling uncared for and most likely will not forget the exchange.

Examples of Words of Affirmation:

* Always say “thank you” when communicating with guests

* Make them feel good about choosing the property they chose

* Make them feel welcome by giving them a call or text before they check in

* Connect with them during their stay to make sure everything is going well

* Stay in touch with them after they have checked out


 #2 Acts of Service

When hosts serve their guests out of care and geunuine hospitality, they feel valued and appreciated. Making our guests feel welcome and pampered speaks volumes to the guests whose main love language is Acts of Service. We have concierge services for our guests that range anywhere from having their cabin stocked with groceries before their arrival, or who would enjoy an in-cabin couples massage. We can set those things up for you so that your mountain vacation cabn be enjoyed to the fullest.

Examples of Acts of Service:

* Keyless entry vs. coming to the office for keys

* Leaving the porch light on for guests who arrive late

* Leaving the heat/air at a comfortable temperature for their arrival

* Leaving lights on throughout the cabin so they are not in the dark

* Having sharp knives in the kitchens


 #3 Quality Time

Nothing says “I appreciate you” more than answering texts/emails/calls promptly to make them feel special and cared for. Knowing that the host spent time to make their stay extra special, this guest will feel appreciated, which in turn allows them to fully enjoy their quality time with their family and friends. For example, if our guest has to clean parts of the cabin or dirty dishes that were overlooked, that takes quality time away from enjoying their vacation. In addition, having a property welcome book about the cabin and about the Blue Ridge area makes it easy for guests to troubleshoot quick fixes at the cabin or find a fun adventure to enjoy in Blue Ridge.

Examples of Quality Time:

* Thoughtfully answering guests’ questions

* Having an easy-to-navigate website to book or find information

* Having a thoroughly clean cabin so guests are not having to clean

* Providing information about the cabin

* Providing recommendations for things to do


 #4 Physical Touch

Physical presence and accessibility are not always possible, but this guest appreciates other means of expression. The way a host can speak this love language is by having a very clean property, luxurious sheets and bedding, soft fluffy towels, a well-made bed, and clean floors.

Examples of Physical Touch:

* A hand-written note of welcome upon arrival

* Soft linens

* A cabin that smells nice and clean

* A welcome call or text that makes sure everything is going well

* Beds well-made, kitchen items in good condition - no chipped dishes, clean hot tubs, clean outdoor furniture and living spaces


 #5 Gift Giving

Customer loyalty is a large part of our focus because the desire to consistently provide outstanding luxurious experience for our guests was the impetus for starting our company 20 years ago. As an expression of “thank you” and “welcome back” to our guests and return guests, we offer Guest Loyalty Reward Points. These points never expire, and each point is equivalent to $1. Each reservation generates Reward Points that can be used toward your next stay with us. We have so many guests who have stayed with us for many years, and so we enjoy giving the gift that never stops. Be sure to call our reservationists to use your points for your next trip to Blue Ridge!

Cabin Rentals of Georgia has been in business for 20 years this year and we appreciate all of our guests, especially the guests who return year after year to stay in our luxury cabin rentals. A huge “Thank You” to all of you and to those who are new to our company. Give us a try and let us speak your love language for a memorable Blue Ridge experience.

Browse our boutique inventory of luxury cabins in Blue Ridge, GA and let us help you enjoy a trip for the memory album!

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