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Fishing - Blue Ridge, GA on the Toccoa River


Our Blue Ridge cabin rentals along the Toccoa River offer unsurpassed beauty and tranquility, not to mention stellar fishing! Spending your Blue Ridge mountain getaway in a luxury cabin along the Toccoa River will provide endless adventure and total relaxation.

When it comes to fly fishing the Toccoa River in North Georgia, the first thing to realize is that fishing in the Toccoa River is almost like fishing in two completely different rivers. The reason for this apparent duality is because of the Blue Ridge Lake. The waters of the Toccoa River that are found above the lake are like any northern Georgia River, while the waters below the lake are more like tail waters.

The Upper Toccoa River:

Located in the Aska Adventure Area, the Toccoa River flows through the Wilderness area providing premier outdoor adventures from hiking, tubing, kayaking, but opportunities for trout fishing abound. There is ample room for fly casting and there are many deep, slow moving pools located throughout the length of the river remind most fly fisherman of a large headwater trout stream. Another great benefit of fly fishing the Upper Toccoa River is that there is a designated delayed harvest section measuring around 1.5 miles to the public. This section is stocked heavily during the colder months with quality rainbow trout. Not only will you find stocked rainbows but you also hook into the occasional trophy brown trout. While the natural grown trout are few and far between, the river does sustain holdover fish throughout the year.

Because of the large amount of stock fish in the tributaries, several brown and rainbow trout tend to wander into the main river. This makes for even more exciting fishing for the fly fisher. Another great aspect of fishing the upper Toccoa River is that you have the choice of wading in or floating when you fish, as there’s some boat access points along the public land located along the river.