Couple's Trip: Ideas for Blue Ridge, GA

Get a jump-start and challenge your relationship dynamics by scheduling a time to reconnect, improve communication, and rebuild trust with your partner.

A weekend getaway for quality time and intentionality is just the thing. Here are a few suggestions to build that bonding experience with your significant other in the beautiful North Georgia Mountains

It Starts with The Road Trip

We all know that any trip over an hour in the car tends to lead to conversations that we otherwise wouldn’t have. It’s the ability to sit closely together and think out loud, have debates, or contemplate hypotheticals. It's a way to communicate on multiple levels. Wherever you're coming from, we encourage that ride to go over things you'd like to do, to open up the door for positivity and endless possibilities by reframing your perspective.

Hopefully you've spent some of this time considering the bigger picture of your retreat - Why? How? Where? When? - and some of the why's you've found are to foster intimacy, spend quality time together, grow from experiences, or whatever better reasons you can fathom. The How comes naturally - plan your itenerary in a way that allows for undivided attention: distraction free by setting a time limit or putting the phone in Do Not Disturb mode if you can't leave it behind altogether, plan things to do to promote wellness and clarity, try new experiences together or revisit old favorites. 

The Where - it's simple: the Blue Ridge Mountains. There's something about the natural world that has the capacity to wake up parts of ourselves we've forgotten about while going through the motions or living in Auto-Pilot. The Blue Ridge Mountains have so much to offer in regards to rekindling that part of self. From hiking and the Great Outdoors, to being able to experience an array of climate in one geographical area, to a change of pace from busy bustling lives. We've got two beautiful cabins to choose from for the weekend:

Wooded Bliss

If you're not looking to totally unplug, Wooded Bliss offers a great Home Away from Home feel by being located just 10 minutes from downtown Blue Ridge. It is a modest 2 bedroom 2 bath with an open-air kitchen and livingroom, allowing for clear communication and togetherness, be it through cooking a meal together, or relaxing in the hot tub, enjoying the quietness that comes with its location. This cabin is perfect for wanting to try new experiences together and do some urban exploring while not being too far out from the town. 

Cherokee Sunrise on Noontootla Creek



Cherokee Sunrise on Noontootla Creek is going to offer a rustic, unplugged experience as it is our renovated farmhouse situated on 30 secluded acres of farmland, outfitted with a private pond for fishing - or admiring the 20-some year old koi fish named Charley. It is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom cabin with a cozy feel, and greatly built with character. This cabin is perfect for those wanting to explore the Great Outdoors, who want a slower change of pace, and want to fully reconnect. Definitely a "take a trip to town" experience, but absolutely worthy in every way. 

How to Have A Shared Experience

Believe it or not, there is a chemical reaction to falling in love and the initial stages of attraction, if you wanted to try to recreate and condense into one weekend, here are a few ways that you can recreate those chemical reactions and naturally grow more attracted to your partner:

Relaxation - Oxytocin

Oxytocin aka the Love hormone: It has physical and psychological effects, including influencing social behavior and emotion. Brain oxytocin also appears to reduce stress responses, including anxiety. Busy lives overran with scheduling conflicts, family matters, and social demands? Start off the trip with a grounding practice like a couples massage: share a moment of tranquility together and activate the inner cuddle bug!



Serenity in the Mountains offers couples massages at various prices and durations, allowing for a relaxing experience with each guest receiving a massage side by side in one of their beautiful couples massage rooms. Times range from 55 minutes, to 85 minutes with hot stones - solid for deep tissue, helping you soften your mind and ease tense muscles and damaged tissues throughout your body. They also allow for any treatments to be added to these massages, ranging from scalp treatments, peppermint foot treatments, aromatherapy practices, or cell-u-lift application.

Excitement - Adrenaline



Try a new take on those early butterflies of sweaty palms, excitement, rapid heartbeats, and nervous anticipation by taking a ziplining tour with Blue Ridge Zip Line Canopy Tours; adrenaline excursions always have a way to bring out the best in us! Maybe even conquer a little fear or share a learning opportunity together. The property is what distinguishes a good zipline course, and the 165-acre tract of land that Blue Ridge Zipline Canopy Tours flows through is some of North Georgia's best. The course has over 6,000 feet of cable, allowing participants a mile to zipline Blue Ridge, Ga and it's beautiful mountains.  You'll experience the mountains from the treetops, you'll zip into the valley, soar over pastures and cross over Fighting Town Creek. Not to mention they also have an aerial challenge course, and partner with Ocoee Rafting during June, July, and August for whitewater rafting bundles. Whatever experience you're looking to share, they have it all.

Satiation - Dopamine



And lastly we come to dopamine - that feel good buzz we get from the brain's reward system - things like shopping, eating comfort food until we're stuffed. But also those early phases of our relationship, where we're giddy, our heads are in the clouds. Here's for one of the best places in Blue Ridge, GA to recreate that first date experience, The Black Sheep. They're reservation only, which can be made by clicking here ( They have outdoor patio seating for those lovely North Georgia Mountain nights, as well as indoor in airconditioning is more your feel. And menu variations for all pallette levels, including locally raised tender steaks, fresh seafood, and local craft beer, as well as brunch favorites like creme brulee french toast and a crab cake benedict. They're honored to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and magical moments with you, especially if you include your server. Dress is shoes and shirt required for service, but it never hurts to encourage the dressiness of the first date. The Black Sheep is the go to spot for a full belly and full heart on a romantic patio dinner to include in your weekend.

The Takeaway 

A couples trip is a designated time away for couples to refresh and reset their relationship. It is a time to be intentional about reconnecting with your spouse and take advantage of uninterrupted time together. The trips normally take place in a private, cozy, and beautiful setting, enabling you to receive personalized attention while reestablishing and improving your relationship. These trips may include discussions, lectures, role plays, exercises and you can combine them with a romantic vacation experience as well. All in all, we're here for you and advocate for your weekend getaway - be it a trip for two or a quick vacation. The moutains are calling, and so is that relationship refresher you never knew you needed.

Take a look at our master calendar to plan your weekend getaway today!