For the adventurous bunch, whitewater rafting in the Tri-State area (Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee) is a must! The Ocoee Whitewater Center, home to part of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, is located in the Ocoee River Gorge on Hwy 64. The Ocoee River winds its way through the area, beginning in McCaysville, GA, and its rapids range from Class I to Class IV. Whether you want to experience the Middle Ocoee (better for beginniners) or the Upper Ocoee (more advanced rapids), these whitewater rafting companies have you in good hands. Make your Blue Ridge experience unforgettable with a whitewater rafting trip! Perfect for teenagers and above, this outdoor excursion will leave you with an adrenaline high that will stick with you. Take advantage of the adventure awaiting you and reserve your whitewater rafting trip today with one of the following companies!